The Centre for Migration Law seeks to become a national and international centre of skills and excellence in the field of migration law, by way of its teaching and its research. Besides the CDM members’ activities in these areas, the Centre leads a number of common projects aimed at the wider public (authorities, practitioners, NGOs, doctoral researchers, and students).

As of December 2014, the Centre offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Migration Law. Its objective is to teach advanced practical and scientific knowledge of migration law at national and international (including European) levels, as well as knowledge about migratory processes, in the context of the social sciences. It also introduces students to the fundaments of migration policy. This continuing education programme is targeted at practitioners in the domain of migration, be they legal experts wishing to add to their knowledge, or specialists wishing to acquire basic legal knowledge. Website

CAS in asylum procedure

Since 2018, the CDM has been offering a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Asylum Procedure (CAS). The aim of this CAS, which is aimed at people working or wishing to work in the field of asylum, is to impart in-depth practical and scientific knowledge of asylum law and procedure. The course also enables students to develop solid skills in legal drafting, the role and communication of legal representation and the authorities responsible for applying asylum law. Website

The Annotated Code of Migration Law is an analytical and critical commentary on migration law produced under the direction of the CDM. The publication, which is aimed primarily at practitioners, covers the Foreign Nationals Act (LEtr), the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (ALCP), the Asylum Act (LAsi) and the Nationality Act (LN). Order

Every year, the CDM organises a colloquium on a topical issue in migration law at the University of Neuchâtel. In addition to talks given by CDM professors, experts are invited to address subjects related to their practice in migration law. Each conference is followed by a publication. Archives of CDM conferences 

The Swiss Migration Law Days, organised by the CDM Berne, are held every year at the University of Berne. The colloquium is aimed at both authorities and practitioners (administrations, courts, bar, legal counsel, etc.) and provides an opportunity for exchange across cantonal borders and areas of specialisation. 

Finally, the CDM has been organising expert symposia since 2014. This is a new instrument proposed by the Centre, which aims to establish a dialogue between practitioners and scientists on particularly burning issues in a restricted setting. Archives of expert symposia 


Doctoral Researchers' Day

Once a year, the CDM's assistants organise a seminar for doctoral students in migration law or other fields related to migration law and policy. These days give doctoral students from different disciplines and Swiss universities the opportunity to present their thesis projects and exchange views with other young researchers, as well as with specialists in the field invited for the occasion. The next CDM Doctoral Student Days will take place on 14 and 15 March 2024.

An inter-university (BENEFRI), interdisciplinary and bilingual seminar is organised each year by CDM staff. It is aimed at Masters students in social sciences and law from the Universities of Bern, Fribourg and Neuchâtel. More information on the CDM's courses


  • CAS in Migration Law.  Website
  • CAS in Asylum Procedure.  Website
  • The 18th Journées suisses du droit de la migration (Swiss Migration Law Days) took place from 31 August to 1 September 2023. Programme
  • The 11th Journées des doctorant-e-s (Doctoral researchers’ days) will take place from March 14 to 15, 2024.