Research centres and institutes

Some international organisations

Accronym Research Centre Location Country
CCIS Center for Comparative Immigration Studies University of California USA
CEFMR Central european Forum for Migration Research Warsaw  Poland 
CEIFO Center for Research in international Migration and Ethnic Relations University of Stockholm Sweden
CER Center for European Reform London UK
CERI Centre d'études et de recherches internationales SciencesPo. Paris France
CESTIM Study Center on Immigration Verona Italy
CGRS Center for Gender and Refugee Studies University of California USA
CIAL Center for international and European Law on Immigration and Asylum University of Contance city  Germany 
CIEMI Centre d'information et d'étude sur les migrations internationales Paris France
CIS Center for immigration Studies Washington DC USA
CMR Center for Migration Law Radboud University Nijmegen Netherlands 
CMR Center for migration research University of Warsaw  Poland 
CMS Center for Migration Studies New-York USA
CMD Center for Migration and Development University of Princeton USA
COMCAD Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development University of Bielefeld Germany 
COMPAS Center on migration policy and society University of Oxford UK
CREAM Center for Research and Analysis of Migration University College London UK
CRER Center for Research and Ethnic Relations University of Warwick UK
CRIP Center for Research on Immigration, Population and public Policy University of California USA
CRS Center for Refugee Studies York University Canada
CSRE Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity Brown University USA
DRC Development Research Center on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty University of Sussex UK
EFMS European Forum for Migration Studies University of Bamberg Germany 
EMZ European Migration Center Berlin Germany 
ERCOMER European Research Center on Migration and Ethnic Relations University of Utrecht Netherlands 
  Eurasylum   UK
FIST Forschungstelle für interkulturelle Studien University of Cologne Germany 
HIM History of International Migration University of Leiden Netherlands 
  Human  Rights Institute Académie Abo Finland
ICEL Irish Center for European Law Trinity College of Dublin Ireland 
ICMEC The International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship The New School for social research, New York USA
IDP Internal Displacement Monitoring Center Chatelaine Switzerland
IIR Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop University of Berkeley USA
IMES Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies University of Amsterdam Netherlands 
IMI International Migration Institute University of Oxford UK
IMIS Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien University of Osnabrück Germany 
IMISCOE Research Network on 'International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe' Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands 
Integration-net Centre d'études sur la migration international et l'établissement University of Carlton Ottawa
IPPR Institute for Public Policy Research London UK
IZA Institute for the Study of Labor Bonn Germany 
MAPS Maison d'analyse des processus sociaux University of Neuchâtel Switzerland 
MIGRINTER Migrations internationales, espaces et sociétés University of Poitiers France
MMO Mediterranean Migration Observatory    
MPG The migration Policy Group Brussels  Belgium 
MPI Migration Policy Institute Washington USA 
MRG Migration Research Group University of Hambourg Germany 
MRU Migration Research Unit University College London UK
NCCR - On the move National Center of Competence in Research –
The Migration-Mobility Nexus
University of Neuchâtel Switzerland 
  Odysseus (réseau) Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium 
OPR Office of Population Research University of Princeton USA
PMC Prairie Metropolis Center    
RSC Refugee Studies Center University of Oxford UK 
RWI The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law University of Lund Sweden
SFM  Swiss forum for Migration and Population Studies  University of Neuchâtel  Switzerland 
SNyM Swiss Network of young Migration Scholars   Switzerland 



International organisation  Headquarter Country
CIREFI Center for Information, Discussion and Exchange on the Crossing of Frontiers and Immigration    
CJUE Court of Justice of the European Union  Luxembourg  
ECHR European Court of Human Rights  Strasbourg France
ERLAIM Autorités européennes, régionales et locales pour l'asile et l'immigration    
GFMD Global Forum on Migration and Development  Bern Switzerland 
ICMHD Centre international pour la migration, la santé et le développement Geneva  Switzerland 
IOM International Organization for Migration  Geneva  Switzerland 
RCM Regional Conference on Migration     
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  Geneva  Switzerland 



Accronym NGO Headquarter Country
  Asylum Law Chicago USA
ECRE European Concil on refugees and Exiles Brussels  Belgium 
  Forum Réfugiés   France
HUMA Santé pour les sans-papiers et demandeurs d'asile    
IARLJ The International Association of Refugee Law Judges Haarlem Netherlands 
ILPA Association des praticiens en droit d'immigration London UK 
OSAR Organisation suisse d'aide aux réfugiés Bern Switzerland 



Accronym Publication Headquarter Country
EJML European Journal of Migration and Law    
MNS Migration News Sheet Brussels  Belgium 
REMI Revue européenne des Migrations internationales Poitiers France


Swiss authorities

Accronym Authorities  City Country


Secrétariat d'Etat aux migrations Bern  Switzerland  


Commission fédérale des migrations Bern  Switzerland