Research projects

The CDM undertakes research in the field of migration law, integrating a social science perspective. Among the subjects researched are Swiss law on foreign nationals, nationality law, asylum law, the law on individual freedom of movement with the EU, and international refugee law, as well as European and international migration law.

With the staff’s assistance, the professors address the following topics:

  • Alberto Achermann (UNIBE): National and international migration law (asylum law and Foreign Nationals Act), nationality law
  • Christin Achermann (UNINE-FLSH): Implementation of national migration law, especially in terms of security, and integration/exclusion policies and practices
  • Cesla Amarelle (UNINE): Free movement agreements, human rights, and national and international migration law
  • Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf (UNIFR): European migration law, European citizenship, free movement, European and international asylum law, the Schengen agreement and the Dublin regulation, border controls, Swiss-EU bilateral agreements, immigration of highly qualified individuals, migration governance and social rights, human rights